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We are thoroughly aware of the health and personal care needs of seniors.

Pomona In-Home Care’s provides a wide variety of services that are designed for their level of care and maintenance. 

All of our staff are loving and caring people who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service possible.  All new team members enter our top notch program to ensure that they are properly and completely trained to give the best care to our residents, and make certain that they completely understand their part in the community that they are entering. 

We choose our team members based on their professional experience and their level of empathy in working with seniors. We are a tight knit community who are all totally committed to the welfare of every member in it. 

Each staff member actively trains on all new programs and we ensure that everyone is compliant with all of the laws and regulations of the land. 

All of our residents are treated like royalty. Their surroundings are set up to stimulate their minds and souls.  The meal plans are extensive and exquisitely prepared. The facility is equipped with the latest in services and activities to keep people active and engaged. 

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